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15/11/2021 21:41
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Dinosaur game
The story behind the dinosaur that appears in Chrome when there is no internet

When the internet connection drops, a curious dinosaur game appears in Chrome that can become addicted

Everything is joy and happiness when you are watching Youtube videos or browsing website https://dinorunner.com/. However, your face becomes the #sad meme when Chrome's curious (and sometimes hated) dinosaur appears.

Almost everyone will have ever played the classic game that Google Chrome hides. If you don't know it. A little intrusion.

When there is no internet, Google Chrome shows the following screen.

Yes, it is a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It's called Dino and if you hit the space bar on your keyboard, a curious dino game is activated. It's simple, Dino runs and runs and with the bar you have to make him jump so he doesn't collide with the cacti.

The further you go, the faster the speed. Yes ... it can be addicting.

But then ... who can be so burned out as to come up with this and why?

The game has been around since 2014. Google Chrome developers realized how frustrating it can be when your connection drops. So they decided that time can be fun and they played that game.

Why a Tyrannosaurus Rex?
A question that has always been around on social networks and there were always two possible reasons.

Reason 1:

The first reason indicates that the Tyrannosaurus Rex is characterized by having tiny hands. And since his hands are tiny, he cannot reach the internet. Yes ... there are other animals with small hands (don't look at your friend), but Google seems to be obsessed with dinosaurs. In fact, in the garden of his main office there is one full of flamingos.

Reason 2:

This reason is not as famous as the first. This reason simply indicates that if you do not have access to the internet, then you live in the age of caves ... in the age of dinosaurs.

However, this second reason gained strength days ago when three of its developers revealed in an interview that this is a game that dates back to the "prehistoric era" when you did not have Wi Fi. The cactus and desert setup was part of the first interaction of the "you're offline" page, while the visual style is a step up from Chrome's tradition of pixel-art-style bug artwork.

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