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23/12/2022 06:05
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Indian Students to Study in the UK
Studying in UK for Indian students is globally recognised and valued. The UK comes with a wide range of specialised areas at different entry levels. Its vibrant campus life and cosmopolitan experiences make it an attractive study abroad destination for Indian students. The UK is the hotspot for more than 300 universities, and most of them are known to be the top-ranking universities in the world with the lowest acceptance rate. It becomes more desirable due to its excellent post-study work opportunities, quality education, scholarships and affordable accommodation.

Back in 2019, the total number of Indian students applying for the UK got increased by 63%. There is various study abroad consultants in Delhi that can give you practical step-by-step advice on how to make your dream to study in the UK a successful one. Based on the study program you choose, the requirements will vary.

Here are some of the top requirements:

Qualifications and grades

Your academic qualification and grades from your previous education will be the initial criteria you require to meet at UK universities. Requirements may vary depending on the academic level and the qualification of your chosen course. Before proceeding with the application process, contact and ask about the exact requirements. Knowing how competitive UK universities usually are, you will be expected to have excellent grades and highly-regarded qualifications.

Language proficiency

If you want to crack the UK University admission exam, you must show excellent language proficiency. This is especially a must for those whose first language is not English. This will also make it easier for you to communicate independently and understand all the materials taught in lectures.

You need to master the English language to get accepted in your special area. You will be able to fulfil their English language requirements by taking one of the following commonly accepted tests IELTS examination, TOEFL, or UCLES. You must score high grades on the test as it is not just a requirement for proceeding with the application further but also adds a valuable point to your application.


No matter how much you hate it, you will have to go through some paperwork as a part of the application process. Here are some mandatory documents that you that is expected from all levels of degrees in the UK:

ID proof
Application form
Academic transcripts
Other entrance exam scores
Birth certificate
Reference letters (if required)
Statement of purpose
Portfolio (if applicable)
Proof of funds and other bank statements

Admission requirements for diplomas, certificates and advanced diplomas
You must score 4.0 to 5.5 on the IELTS or an acceptable equivalent
You must have a good English language ability and academic transcripts of schooling for your diploma curses
You may need to have GMAT/GRE score for your business and science-related subjects
You must possess prior education of 11 years of study

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Experiences and references

Top-ranked universities in the UK are highly selective when choosing applicants. They mostly have limited available spaces for students.   Thus, additional documents are needed to show your outstanding talents. This is usually achieved by submitting relevant experiences and references you had before. Further, the admission committee will go observe these documents and see them as proof that you have the necessary academic and professional competence to pursue the chosen course.

Additional requirements

 In a few situations, students might get burdened with additional requirements. These additional requirements may include documents like criminal, finance and health checks. You may also require submitting a motivational letter explaining your personal motivation regarding the course you wish to pursue at the UK University. It may be an extra requirement, but it is highly decisive for your UKK university admission.

Here is a complete guide on the requirements that will help make your dream for studying abroad in the UK come true.

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