Kati Rudlova - fine art model

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bravo pour ce book, mais quel plaisir de pouvoir te photographier car pour moi tu incarne le nombre d'or dans toute sa dimension! cordialement à toi!

- De nico le 22/2/2005. Pays: France  

 Bon Jour, Je t'aime le site... (Tres Bien!)Mercie Beaucoup...... http://groups.msn.com/nudeartscollection "aquablauw"

- De aquablauw le 21/2/2005. Pays: Pays-Bas   Région: Holland

Hi Kati, Thank you for the wonderful web site, images of yourself. You can see this site : www.gabrielerigon.it, he is my best friend and great photographer of erotic nude.

- De Luca le 8/2/2005. Pays: Italie  

 Hello Kati -do you remember?! just found your website and I want to introduce myself briefly. Iam an artist and work maintime on architecture and erotic photography. Also I do have sometime some bodypainting and bodyart-projects what for I need some new models. Maybe you are interested in bodypainting or bodyart and you would like to do a bodypainting-shooting with me. You also can check out my website how you like my style and the paintings http://www.Bodypainting.com and http://www.Unitedcolors.de/Gallery/LivingColors_2000/image pages/Living%20Colors%202000.html Casting: http://www.Casting.Bodypainting.com Models: http://www.Model.Bodypainting.com If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime! Hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards Richard von Wennerveld [img]http://www.bodypainting.com/banner/bodycom.gif[/img]

- De Richard le 26/1/2005. Pays: Allemagne   Région: Frankfurt

 hello kati, thanks a lot for your nice words about my photos. but u r a first class model! very good expression and perfect body. for every photograph it is a honor to work with u! best wishes, sascha

- De sascha huettenhain le 22/1/2005. Pays: Allemagne   Région: siegen

J'ai vu vos images mise a jour. Tres belles avec beaucoup de creativité et tres proffesionelles. Tres tres belles.

- De Henk Wijnen le 12/1/2005. Pays: Pays-Bas   Région: le Sud

Ce site respire un très grand professionalisme tant dans le site lui même que les photographies. Un grand magnifique talent comme modèle et photographe. J'admire beaucoup ton travail car il respire le gout de vivre, le positivisme et le plaisir de faire ton travail avec passion. Milles bravos Madame ! :)

- De Guy Gagnon le 10/1/2005. Pays: Belgique   Région: Bruxelles

 Hello again Kati, I hope you haven't tried to reach me via your guestbook link as my website settings have gone adrift since I put on the new guestbook. I hope it works this time finding the site, and this should act as a test. Thanks

- De christopher leach le 7/1/2005. Pays: Îles Vierges britanniques   Région: Stafford

 Hello Kati, it has been a while but someone visited me via your guestbook and I thought it a good reason to see you again on your website. I don't know why but your images weren't opening up this time. I have had big problems though as my computer crashed last summer. Also I've had to start a new guestbook from scratch as I lost my provider, and as your entry was the most prized I'm hoping you might also please take another look at my erotic art and girl in the street photographs? You are still just as beautiful though as all the other entries will also endorse, and for better or worse I have been getting in touch with my female side too and seem to be turning into something of a T-girl. Still I can't see what harm it can do and especially so as I believe I am something of a hermaphrodite. Exploring sexuality certainly plays a major part in my art, and I hope I have presented myself well as T.girl Jojo. Yes it's exciting to explore and find out who we would be in another life. As for yourself, you don't need to change a thing. Thankyou, and best wishes and peace in the world for 2005.

- De christopher leach le 6/1/2005. Pays: Îles Vierges britanniques  

Eine tolle Homepage haben Sie hier zusammengebaut. Kompliment, weiter so! Wenn Sie Lust haben, schauen Sie sich meine Homepage in aller Ruhe mal an. Das Einkaufen im Internet hat eine Namen: www.was-suchst-du.org Anklicken + ansehen + BESTELLEN. Gruß Herbert

- De herbert le 3/1/2005. Pays: Allemagne  

 i wish you an all your guests a great and creative NEW YEAR 2005... greetz from vienna/austria !!

- De georg le 1/1/2005. Pays: Autriche  

Hallo! Ein hübsches Model mit guter Website mit prof. Fotos! Wie wäre es, wenn du dich mit deiner Website unserem Webring für Fotografie anschließen würdest?? Info und Anmeldung: !!! www.fotowebring.de !!! Gut Licht und viel Erfolg, fotho (www.fotho.de)

- De fotho le 21/12/2004. Pays: Allemagne   Région: Duisburg

 Lorsque l'on visite votre site, on se dit que les fées se sont penchées sur votre berceau et que Dieu doit exister pour permettre à certaines jeunes femmes d'être aussi jolies... Les photos sont superbes, quelles qu'elles soient. Cela change de pas mal de vulgarité qui traine sur le net, chez vous, non rien de tout cela, ce n'est que beau! Ayant passé pas mal de temps sur Montpellier, je n'ai jamais eu la chance de vous y croiser. J'en réverai encore... Bravo

- De Dom le 18/12/2004. Pays: France   Région: Rhone Alpes

 internet page visitor greetings also of me from Hochheim/Germany Bernd Fritz

- De Bernd Fritz le 28/11/2004. Pays: Allemagne   Région: Hochheim-Hessen

  nous apprécions votre harmonieux travail d'esthéte, sur l'harmonie d'un regard et d'un corps fragiles et émouvants ... que le mystère et la féminité continuent à le guider

- De Claude&Nanou LEENAERT le 21/11/2004. Pays: France   Région: Lille

internet page visitor greetings also of me from Dresden/Germany. Bildermann

- De Bildermann le 21/11/2004. Pays: Allemagne   Région: Dresden

salut kati j ai vu ton livre de baudoin de rochebrune..je suis moi meme photographe et j ecris un livre d art sur les mannequins chers a jp gaultier..enfants terribles ..il y a egalement martina lvata diana petra et adriana sklenrikova que je connais tres bien..tu est photographe aussi je crois. tu est tres belle ..et ton site l est egalement...bonne continuation... www.planet-tops.com www.lesparisdelamode.com

- De galiana thomas le 8/11/2004. Pays: France   Région: paris

 Les photos sont belles, mais je vois la détresse dans les yeux de Kati. Elle ne semble point etre heureuse. Je lui souhaite de trouver LA VRAIE VIE.

- De Kovacs Balazs le 6/11/2004. Pays: Hongrie  

 Very compliments for the photos Fabio Grandi photographer

- De fabio grandi le 6/11/2004. Pays: Italie   Région: Emilia Romagna

 Tout simplement sublime! Vous êtes un modèle d'une grande beauté et un photographe de grand talent. Continuez à être ce que vous êtes.

- De Pierre le 5/11/2004. Pays: Canada   Région: Trois-Rivières

 Hello, beautiful Model :)

- De Peter Mann le 2/11/2004. Pays: Brésil   Région: Rio

I am professioanl designer I can help you improve the design write me art@adaptid.com.hk or jo.chui@adaptid.com.hk

- De jo chui le 2/11/2004. Pays: Chine   Région: chine

 Je suis sûr que je vous verrai un jour au hit des modèles les plus représentatives. Je vous trouve tellement de chien et de charme. Soyez toujours pareille à vous même. Sincerely. Guy

- De Guy le 1/11/2004. Pays: France   Région: Bretagne

Phantasmagorical,absolute thanks, I'm very glad to have visited your site. Dennis Chicago,Illinois. U.S.A.

- De Dennis le 23/10/2004. Pays: États-Unis   Région: Chicago, Illinois

 Hallo Kati!!! Ganz tolle Aufnahmen!!!Vor allem die Serie des Photografen aus Israel fand ich herausragend!!! Auch die Photos "herself" sind große klasse!!! Ich wünsche Dir weiterhin viel Erfolg und würde mich sehr über einen Gegenbesuch auf www.fotofee.net freuen!!! Viele Grüße, Fee*

- De fotofee* le 17/10/2004. Pays: Allemagne  

Hello Katerina, You are getting better and better so I am waiting for the right moment to ask you in my studio. Arton

- De Arton le 17/10/2004. Pays: Pays-Bas  

Hi Kati!! Mit Bewunderung habe ich mir deine Seite angesehen! Sie ist sehr schön geworden! Kannst mich ja auch mal auf meine Homepage besuchen und wenn sie dir auch gefällt können wir ja Banner tauschen!! Fänd ich klasse! Schreib mir doch mal eine Mail um mit mir Banner zu tauschen!!! Schöne Grüße Florian Klein aus Bremen <a target="_blank" href="http://www.klein-florian.de"> <img src="http://8ung.at/florianklein/Banner/BannerFlorianKlein.jpg" border="0" alt=".:: Florian Klein ::." width="468" height="60">

- De Florian Klein le 16/10/2004. Pays: Canada  

 you are a very nice girl, i think i have a good photographer for you! www.bodytalksfashion.com

- De anna le 11/10/2004. Pays: Canada  

 excellent site and photos - great work... greetz from vienna/austria !!

- De georg le 10/10/2004. Pays: Autriche  

Hi Kati Thank you for the wonderful images of yourself. You have a lovely figure, beautiful hair and teeth and lovely eyes. I love you!

- De Jean le 1/10/2004. Pays: Allemagne  

 Kati you are fabulous! That’s all, but I had to say this! Kisses!

- De Black Diva le 9/9/2004. Pays: [-- Autre --]   Région: Germany

 best of luck for your future

- De jana le 7/9/2004. Pays: Danemark  

 Hi very nice and interesting website. Well done. What do you think about my site?? :-) regards from germany Holger

- De Holger Struth le 1/9/2004. Pays: Allemagne   Région: Hamburg

hi kati, you are beautyful. if you are in germany i'd like to have a shooting with you ;-) hot amateur erotic models at our site

- De ladner le 27/8/2004. Pays: [-- Autre --]   Région: munchen

 lovely site thanks mluuumumumuumumumumumumumumumumu

- De onyegbu le 26/8/2004. Pays: Kazakhstan   Région: imo

 doué dans les deux sens de l'objectif!

- De Vendetti jean-Marc le 26/8/2004. Pays: France   Région: nice

Hi Kati Wow what a exciting website you got beautifull photos, a real Experience. You want to have a Experience too visit our website for exciting events and parties in Amsterdam. It is for a model like you to promote yourself for free on our website.

- De Ramses de Loi le 26/8/2004. Pays: Pays-Bas   Région: Amsterdam

 Hi, very nice site. Cool pictures and very beautiful woman. It is great. Best wishes from Hamburg. Michi

- De Michi le 24/8/2004. Pays: Allemagne   Région: Hamburg

Ive written before with no response, so contact and translate please, I know your busy. Your beauty is unspoken. Pat Knowing Woman carnal knowlege is knowing woman perfectly, which we can only try, shared joy like a tantric identification of bliss, union of the goddess, preview of heaven, shape of the dances, surrender submissive aggressions of love with the inhabitions of impulses, and a bleary dream of a lotus rising in the mourning, detrimental relationship of virtue, cruelty teased, mens lack of knowlege and consideration part of the culture, the heat of contact vaporizes their consciousness and fill cosmic space, half-swooning sense of flux which overtakes the spirit, erotic love and devotion, patience she will find home, in a world of brute passions, lament sexual appetites of true charity, bathing rigidly seperated for this framework of unity, failure to talk openly and directly about sex, give a magical and nonnatural quality, the beauty of women is the greatest attitude, underneath satin pillows if words are not cameras than this may never reach the angel, perfect in meeting shadows, stumbling and sweating in a rosey flesh garden, further hampered by convensional religions, i wish i could tear this clothes off as she intended, seeing the soul of moon lit walks in the park, the body, an abhorrent envelope, torn from distrust, i would be as pure outside as the body within, black and white canvas of real emotions sexuality is banned and ignored, women becomes a timid creature to be patronized, cats on a desert land, pulpit of life, touching her soft cheecks responsively, man feels severe tolls that he could never pay on being deep inside, bright when awakened, but beautiful when asleep, she laugs in self content, lured watery eyes, minister of doves, foundress of lurking body motions habored for flight, warm candle lit bath, loose natural hair inspired by the faceless flash of light, fall back into the red orange foilage and ignore the park bench, smooth rain gliding down a window with a childs hand feeling the warmth of winter as he stares, her birth was an oasis, afflicted by some kind of madness with an occasional bite on the chest, this angel is the essence of swarming tender mystery, like a silhouette of the earth and an evening sigh.

- De Patrick Cassady le 7/8/2004. Pays: France   Région: America

 Hi Kati: Great work as a model. Would love to work with you if you are in NYC........................................................Conrad.

- De Conrad le 3/8/2004. Pays: Îles Vierges américaines   Région: New York

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