Kati Rudlova - fine art model

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Obtenez 1000 visiteurs rapidement !
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 Un site que je revisite, de très jolies photos... J'aime particulièrement Katerina by Katerina, bonne continuation...

- De Thierry le 8/3/2004. Pays: Belgique   Région: Bxl

Hi, Nice page. You can ad your photos at our free Models & Photographers page at www.models.rubrikk.net

- De Models.rubrikk.net le 7/3/2004. Pays: Norvège  

 tres beau site ou l'on a plaisir a naviguer. Tes poses parfois acrobatiques :o) sont tres belles et sans vulgarité. c'est un site qui se trouve dans mes favoris et ou je reviendrai souvent.

- De gilles le 7/3/2004. Pays: France   Région: paris

 Kati , Your new photos are MAGNIFICENT !!!! Dave

- De Dave Jokerst le 6/3/2004. Pays: France   Région: Illinois , U.S.A.

 Hello dear... I will give you my Compliment for your site and for your Posing signs.. you are be very good in your sience of shooting.. please don't give up and go along your way .. step by step you climing up.. i wish you fot your Future many happy times and a lot of Fun.. see you (hope so) Giovanni

- De DELL ' ANNA le 6/3/2004. Pays: Italie   Région: ANYWHERE

 Kati, encore merci pour ta gentillesse et pour ces si jolies images que tu as faites de moi. Best Regards !

- De LouLady le 6/3/2004. Pays: France   Région: Paris

 Un modèle international, un visage et un look "caméléon", des styles constament renouvelés, des photos magnifiques pour la plupart... Que pourrait-on souhaiter de mieux Kati ? pour toi : que tout cela continue et se développe ! pour moi : te rencontrer (photographiquement) ...un jour

- De Le Goéland le 6/3/2004. Pays: France   Région: IDF

 Bravo!! vous etes superbe.... J'organise regulierement des expositions de mosaiques dans des lieux fort syhmpathiques; si ca vous dit de recevoir une invitation contacte-moi. au plaisir de vous rencontrer...... Renato www.scremini.com

- De Renato le 5/3/2004. Pays: France   Région: Paris

j'aore c'est vraiment joli!! i like it

- De Cyril A. le 2/3/2004. Pays: France   Région: IDF

 Kati , I wish the world these day's , was as beautiful a place as your sight is !! You may not think what you do here is very important compaired to the worlds problems , but just look at the names and places folks come from in your guest book to see your sight . You bring people together from all over the world to see , learn about and enjoy beauty !! It's very important these day's especially to have a place to go to see beauty !! In doing so , maybe we all can learn just how beautiful a place this world can be by all coming together and trying to get along and work out our differences and make this as beautiful place to be and enjoy as your sight is !! I've learned a lot from you !!!! I'm a better person and hopefully I'll make the world a little better place to be from knowing you !!!! The photos I purchased from you are incredible and make my little corner of the world more beautiful !!!! Thanks Kati !!!! Dave

- De Dave Jokerst le 1/3/2004. Pays: France   Région: Illinois , U.S.A.

Hi Kati, you are a very good looking woman :-) and it´s a lovely page. best regarts from germany Frank

- De Coolerotic Team le 27/2/2004. Pays: Allemagne  

 Hello Kati! I am from Russia. U R very good model! Thank U 4 the super photoalbum. Sorry 4 my bed english...

- De Alexei Tru le 20/2/2004. Pays: Russie  

Bonjour Kati, Vous êtes magnifique et votre site est superbe.. J'espère pouvoir un jour vous photographier si vous passez sur la côte d'Azur. Amitiés

- De Jean-Bernard le 13/2/2004. Pays: France   Région: Nice

Bravo Kati, je suis tombé par hasard sur ton excellent site, en surfant au hasard en tant que modèle (à la recherche de plans, mais il n'y en a si peu pour les hommes!). Félicitations pour ton travail, j'ai notamment été très impressionné par ton talent de photographe. Si tu as un jour besoin d'un modèle homme sur Montpellier, n'hésite pas à me contacter, ce serait un honneur! Bonne continuation anyway. filo

- De filo le 12/2/2004. Pays: France   Région: Montpellier

cool hompage!!!

- De Andy le 11/2/2004. Pays: Allemagne  

 Hi Kati This is one of the best models sites I've seen to date, excellent images & such creative posing, so animated - a joy to view and so informative, exc model (& ex fotog too). I'd LOVE to have read some of the links pages, esp the interviews BUT alas I couldn't as they were in French :( If your ever UK bound I'd love to know. A fan b) :)

- De Mel le 11/2/2004. Pays: France  

hi kati, thanx for your nice entry in my guestbook :-) your site is also quite good with many nice pictures of a wonderfull women... just a bit to far away from düsseldorf :-( take care and best regards, ralf :-)

- De Ralf Zenker le 10/2/2004. Pays: Allemagne  

 Bravo pour le site en lui même qui est trés agréable et incite à la navigation, pour son contenu qui montre que tu as su t'entourer de talentueux photographes pour mettre en valeur ta beauté. Mais ce qui me plait le plus c'est ta passion de l'image et visiblement cela se solde par quelques succés en tant que photographe dont un publication dans le magazine photo de janvier! Bonne continuation et encore bravo...et merci du petit mot sympa laissé sur mon site! Yvan

- De yvan le 4/2/2004. Pays: France   Région: paris et montpellier

Hi Kati Thank you for the wonderful images of yourself. You have a lovely figure, beautiful hair and teeth and lovely eyes. And I am so pleased that in a time when many woman choose to remove their natural pubic hair, you have chosen not to. Bon chance! Andrew

- De Andrew Hall le 30/1/2004. Pays: Royaume-Uni   Région: Ecosse

I think that you are one of the most beautiful girls i,ve seen on the web. your very artistic, your eyes are beautiful, and I promise i am not looking at you like some of these assholes on the web, trying to get you on their site. I love art and think that your body is perfect for what your doing now. These stupid sites send me all sorts of junk mail so i dont want to be on a list, but for me to hear from you would be like listening to an angel. Im not trying to flatter you, but you really have potential i think. Im studying law, and writing a book on the side so I have a bit of art in me too, but i paint pictures with poetry and writings. Shadows of curves flicker in the candlelight, Exposed beauty transcended from light, Frozen in flashes that never stop Patrick Cassady

- De Patrick Cassady le 30/1/2004. Pays: [-- Autre --]   Région: America

Hi Kati, thank you for your entry in my guestbook. I like to invite you to become one of the angels on my site. When you're interested, let me know. Kind regards, Mike

- De Mike le 27/1/2004. Pays: Pays-Bas  

 Bonsoir Kati, Ton professionalisme joue autant que le talent des personnes qui t'ont photographiée, dans la qualité de tes images. J'ai été impressionné. Belle fille, belles images, beau site. Que demande le peuple ?! Cordialement. K@

- De Frédéric Karikese le 24/1/2004. Pays: Belgique  

 Hallo Katerina, YOUR website is showing really great art - and YOU are the artist... I´ve never seen such good photography before I met your website here. This has character, YOU make this pictures alive and give them so much freshness like a waterfall. In my eyes you are the best professional model and I think you know about your charisma, therefore: Go on and always be yourself -it´s the best guarantee for successfully work in this job. Most models don´t believe - and are only nude... My deep recognition for your grace, with best wishes Thomas

- De Thomas le 24/1/2004. Pays: Allemagne   Région: Süddeutschland

 J'ai aimé regardé tes photos, je te trouve tres jolie comme modele tres photogénique, je suis tombé par hasard sur ton site, car j'adore les belles photos, je n'ai pas été déçu, merci et bonne continuation, Franck

- De franck le 19/1/2004. Pays: France   Région: PACA

 hi kati try this site www.islamtoday.net/english

- De ahmed le 19/1/2004. Pays: [-- Autre --]   Région: ksa

Hi Katerina, I bumped into you again when I was checking my erotic web site guestbook visitors and we seem to be signing the same books. So I thought I would visit you once more and take a proper look at your beautiful photographs. You have taken part in some interesting shoots and you are obviously very talented in your own right as well. It's a pity we cannot do some 'buses and girls' together but somewhere nice and sunny like the Sinai, but believe it or not one outraged middle-aged man out with his family kicked and stamped on my camera in of all places Florence where I was showing at the Biennale. Maybe they get to hate tourists, but there really are some sad people in the world I'm afraid. Still it could have been a drug addict brandishing a knife instead! It's good to see from your links too that you care about the world and your heritage. You are obviously a very special person but maybe that is because we two share the same birthday, August-Twenty-Eighth. Thanks for signing my guestbook, keep in touch and I hope we all have a good 2004. Love and peace, Christopher Leach

- De Christopher Leach le 14/1/2004. Pays: Îles Vierges britanniques   Région: Stafford

 Hi Kati , You are soooo Beautiful !!!! What a wonderful sight to get to enjoy your AWESOME BEAUTY !!!! Thank you for giving me a place to go to enjoy a wonderful work of ART !!!! Love ya , Dave

- De Dave Jokerst le 11/1/2004. Pays: France   Région: Illinois , U.S.A.

 Hi Kati, I think you looking fantastic ! I like your body, you are very attractiv. I can't write all, what I feel about you in english. But I think you are a pretty, fantastic and beautiful Model. I wanted to shoot a few photos from you. Maybe you have a shooting in Germany in June and I hope you inform me were it is and maybe I will come. It's were a great pleasure for me when you answer me greeings from Germany, Hamburg in the north of germany

- De Peter le 11/1/2004. Pays: Allemagne   Région: Hmburg

 Très joli site....Mais aussi très jolies photos artistiques.Si ils pouvaient tous être aussi beau.......

- De LastMichelAnge le 5/1/2004. Pays: Belgique   Région: Brabant

 Hello Kati, I just want to let you know that you are a very beautiful & classy lady and that I enjoyed viewing your pictures. Yours Truly, Vince

- De Vincent Raetz le 4/1/2004. Pays: Gabon   Région: United States

Hello Kati, very nice Webside, great Pictures. Best wishes from Germany.

- De Franz le 4/1/2004. Pays: [-- Autre --]   Région: Germany

  Très belles photos avec une plastique formidable.je suis un photographe amateur qui n'a pas encore trouvé de modele possédant votre talent et votre beauté.Félicitations!!

- De coursolle jean-louis le 31/12/2003. Pays: France   Région: st privat des vieux

 vous etes une tres belle femme , ce que j'ai pu voire ici m'a beaucoup inspire pour mon travail a l'universite.Je fait des etudes d'art et ma passion est le dessins d'act. Bravo pour la site et bonne anne 2004

- De ANDREAS WENIG le 29/12/2003. Pays: Allemagne   Région: KIEL
  *******not ready yet********

 Salut Kati ! Nous avions eu l'occasion dans le passe d'echanger quelques emails et alors que vous residiez a Prague, je suis tres heureux d'apprendre que vous vous etes rapproche du Sud de la France et ne manquerai pas de vous contacter au printemps 2004 pour une seance photo. Amicalement, Dominique.

- De Dominique Panos le 27/12/2003. Pays: France   Région: Salon de Provence

Dear Kati, vou are a very beautiful woman, i wish you success in the upcoming year! Greetings from Austria :-) Sabrina

- De Sabrina le 24/12/2003. Pays: Autriche   Région: upper austria

Ce que j'ai prefere c toi par toi.

- De Tonioo le 23/12/2003. Pays: France   Région: Mars

 Superbe site tant par sa construction que par les photos qui sont magnifiques. Merci pour l'agréable moment passé sur vos pages. Bonne continuation. Nous deux

- De kor-a-kor le 19/12/2003. Pays: France   Région: grand sud france

You have some beautiful photos taken of you! Lovely art work. Thank you. Harriet

- De Harriet Jameson Pellizzari le 15/12/2003. Pays: Autriche   Région: Mieming Plateau

 Super Jolie envoi Moi ton numéro pour que je puisse te contacté!! Very nice Katarina.

- De Phil le 13/12/2003. Pays: France   Région: Paris

 where is America in your guestbook?You have some great art photos here.If only you were not in Europe.

- De Curtis Neeley le 13/12/2003. Pays: France   Région: Arkansas

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